April 29, 2005

The price of shoes...
   by Jango <>

Ok. My mum took me out to the shops yesterday to get me a new pair of shoes. I don't like shoe shops (I don't really like any kind of shop, except for drum'n'bass disc import shops) so I tried to keep thing quick and decided not to spend too much time in there. My mum hands me a pair of shoes and says, "What do you think of these?" I liked them and so we decided to take them. Once we were out of the shop I noticed they cost 99! I was silently annoyed at the price of the shoes (99 = $127.68) and also at the fact that my mum bought them for me. I feel stupid now, I usually don't buy any shoes that cost over 30 ($38.69) and it's just against my philosophy.

Oh well, they're a cool pair of shoes though.

Published: April 29, 2005
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