June 6, 2005

PFFT to whatsoever!!!!!

Hey, my first time here. I admit I got hooked on to reading everyone else's postings which were I think the most readable stuff. So, I just had to register and be a member myself. Well, nothing new here but man, I am just online trying to find the most bargained airline tickets so I can go see my boyfriend for almost a year in July.

We are long distance. I'm from the west coast and he is from the east coast. I know it sucks. Everyone tells me and it sure is hard work with which you just have to put up a lot of crap like patience and trust.

My boyfriend is insecure and yet, very short tempered. My ex is amazed at how I am willing to put up such crap. Well, me and my ex remained buddies after our break up. When he found out that I was madly in love with the love of my life, he did almost anything just to make my heart turn around but I said, "forget you. You left me and now you expect for me to come back? Yea right. Screw you."

He said that all I needed was to kiss him if i still got feelings for him. Whatever. He tried to attempt but, he should know me better because I told him I don't play around. Wassup with men, thinking that sex always wins? A big PFFT to men who always think of sex solutions.

Anyways, after trying to make a pass at me, I kicked him in the balls and I said our friendship is over as far as I'm concerned. Who cares of what happened in the past. Time to move on.

I'm just here looking for plane tickets and a big PFFT to airlines for saying they are the cheapest but it's only a few dollars in difference! Cheap for nothing!!!

I was sort in a difficult financial situation so I was discouraged that maybe I won't be able to make it to see my significant other by July 4th. So he got so mad and ultimated that our relationship was over!

I was sad for a few days. Yesterday, I went up hiking at Yosemite national park. I went trailing to see Verana Falls. It was a great experience. I went to clear up my head and to find better ways to get to my beloved man.

And all he did was complain and drink with his buddies stating that I don't love him! PFFT to him! He doesnt know what love is. I mean, where is the love and support I should say? It breaks me that when he planning to come see me and was in a similiar situation, I helped him and now, I find myself there, he won't do anything.

Okay, I quit typing. This is getting me mad and emotional and a big PFFT to long distance relationships, men, and stupid airline prices!

Published: July 8, 2005
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