July 12, 2005

   by TBCASSELL <>

I met my husband three years ago hating his guts, I was planing on going back to Missouri the next day but he asked me to go to a party. You tell me would you turn down a invitation to a party where it was 3 women and 50 army men? Pfft.... Yeah right!! So i go to this party just getting out of a relationship hoping to find the sexiest guy there to just well you know.... So i find the man i wanna ummm what is that word?? oh yeah talk to... everything is fine then all of the suddon it just didnt work due to his touching that) So the next day my husband says how we need to finish the keg.. so we have a lil after party that night except this time it was 5 females and 5 males now dont tell me he wasnt thinking what i was... well that night was good i got to know my husband a lil better ending in the bushes (hiking) lol. From that day on we were a match we had everything in common... time went on and i just couldn't wait for him to pop that question then last year on valentines day he suprised me at work... brought me flowers and had my daughter ask the question (how cute) before we could get married he was shipped off to iraq and i almost lost it... when he came home for leave we decided that it would b best if we got married then... so we married on feb. 15 a year and a day after he asked. Well when he had to go back I became lost again but knowing that this paper kept me where i wanted to be.... I just wanted to say to everyone out there if you have a son, husband, or daughter that is currently or is going to iraq i wish you the best of luck and pray that they make it home...

Published: July 22, 2005
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