July 22, 2005

Annoying and Stupid People II
   by IDIOCITY <>

My brothers came up to my house for the summer and I am getting driven crazy. They are rude, they disrespect my whole family, they're rude, and they never shut their damn mouths. Plus, they must do everything just like me. Those morons can get away with anything. They can pick up a glass cup and they will say aliens hypnotized them and their Dad (My Stepdad, Pfft) will actually believe them. But, if I did that and said the same thing he will tell me to pick it up and ground me (that butt wipe). I've gotten very little sleep this month because of them. If I ask them a simple question, they do the nost annoying thing ever, "Nya nya nya nya nya". If I had a nickel for every time they said that, I would be a rich man (Okay, maybe not rich but I'd own a bunch of dvd's. Only three more days until they are gone, I can't wait.

Annoying and Stupid People III Coming Soon

Published: July 22, 2005
Editor: stacy

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