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August 28, 2005

Tale of a Pharmacy Cashier
   by jhyde

So I got me a new job as a cashier at the pharmacy just down from where I live. It's a nice little pharmacy/convenient store even though they charge way too much for the stuff they are selling. The people I work with for the most part are great and everything seems to be going hunky dory. It's the first job I've ever had with people I didn't know (non-family members) and for the most part, I don't seem to mind it too much.


The fact that it's a pharmacy really changes the clientele. For one, I get these little old ladies that come into the store to pick up their prescriptions. While they're at it, they get other stuff, too. Logical. But what is it with the little old ladies that buy an 12 pack of Keystone light three times a week?! The poor girl doesn't even look strong enough to carry it for crying out loud. "That looks a little heavy for you, do you got it?" "Yeah, I got it. It gets a lot lighter when you're drinking it." Whaaaa? Alcoholic eighty year old. Sheesh. Not to mention she stormed out of the store when she realized we didn't have any more 12 packs of Keystone.

Then there's the little kids: "How much are these?" "They're free." "How many can I have?" "Two." The kid somehow manages to translate that into taking twenty of them and running off. Kids these days!

I guess there's some kind of needle exchange program or whatever, because every now and again there comes in some serious drug addicts. This one lady took like an hour shopping in a three aisle convenient store, grabbed like 20 things, came to the check out counter, put it down, and went back for more stuff. She kinda reminded me of one of the rocker girls you'd see in an Mtv music video or something. Like the chick from Turn the Page. I didn't even know that chicks like that were REAL.

I'm working on trying to come into work on time on Saturdays. I've been late two times in a row now. I guess someone would say I'm management material (phiiissshhh). If only I had a red swingline stapler, now THAT would be cool.

Published: August 29, 2005
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