October 27, 2005

Seasonal Bliss
   by jhyde

Warm on the inside, frigid on the outside, the scent of cinnamon and wood smoke, mingled together in a temptatious whir. The dark, frost bitten, foggy mornings, bright clear days, it's fall again and I'm finally at my best. Or worst. The intermingling of the two seem to come with the season. No matter, the leaves are crunching, the night is beautiful, the day is bleak or brilliantly sunny. The leaves roll as snippets in the autumn gusts. The trees balk at the wind, as if daring it to get colder so that they may sleep. I open my eyes into the dark rogueish morning and snap them shut when I realize the sun still has many hours before it threatens to rear its head, and many more hours before the earth begins to feel its heat. Sleeplessly I drift from thought to thought listening to the October wind howl through the eaves. I am warm, a living puddle of flesh, and the outside is near freezing, forboding any who wander and biting those who may stay out too long. Deep inside myself I stretch, and eagerly I prepare for another long winter.

I love the fall....

Published: October 28, 2005
Editor: stacy

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