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January 16, 2006

One Thing The Commies Got Right
   by gforce <>

Does anyone else believe that religion is the source of most of the worlds problems? Cause, I sure as hell do. Honestly, if people weren't so sure that their stories are true then a lot less people would have been killed.

Let's not even mention the Holocaust. Take the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. If neither side cared about their so-called holy city then they wouldn't keep flipping killing each other. I'm not ignorant. I realize that isn't the only problem but why did all the hostility start? All the pissing and moaning started because each religion believes that they have the right to their land.

Can we just stop over-reacting when anyone does anything over there? Damnit, just stop the intifada crap. I'm not picking sides because both sides are equally full of it.

The whole Ariel Sharon thing is not helping either. Now everyone is getting all aggravated. Israelis are saying he didn't get the right treatment, and Palestinians are saying that the barrier was his plan from the beginning. Please children just stop fighting.

Published: January 18, 2006
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