February 10, 2006

A Pfft In Need
   by gforce <>

Come on guys where is the hate. I may be a new writer to pfft, but I've read it for years. I know it well enough that the things that piss us off just don't go away.

When me and my brother just keep switching on and off the homepage, I don't think "Golly gee, we're good." What I do think is that you people are just too god damn lazy to type in a few sentences about what really ticks you off. Who cares if it's offensive? There's a whole flipping category for that kind of stuff

If your just too busy to take five minutes out of your not-so-important lives then don't complain to anyone. Cause no one wants to hear your opinion if your a that arrogant.

That goes for you too shy people. It's not like this is gonna be traced back to you. Again, no one wants to hear the whining of a wuss, so use that bottled up anger and write a kick-ass Pfft.

Let's go my peops. That's right I said "peops". If the use of that word makes you mad, write it down.

Published: February 10, 2006
Editor: stacy

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