February 12, 2006

   by jhyde

Wal-Mart is trying to move into my home town. Again. For the fourth time, as if three weren't enough. For some reason we have to have a Wal-Mart at all four corners of the compass in our city. North, east, west... now they're pushing for south. I can't even imagine why we need another store for cheap crappy stuff. Not to mention they're moving right on top of the local residents. It's one thing to build a store on a huge vacant lot out in the sticks. It's another to build a store that infringes on the backyard of my neighbors and myself. I mean, who wants to look out their window onto a sea of parking lot? Particularly when it's perfect scenery as-is!

They are capitally following the money trail, but can't they go follow that trail to somewhere else? Like China? Wal-Marts are money sucking vacuums that take American cash over to China. What's worse, Americans are building as many vacuums as possible because Wal-Mart is "cheap" and in an effort to SAVE money, we are actually LOSING money on every purchase. The money we spend does not stay local. It goes into the pockets of the Chinese executives in Shenzhen, whose job it is to find more cheap plastic stuff for Americans to buy. PFFFFT!!!

Published: February 13, 2006
Editor: stacy

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