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February 21, 2006

Arrogant Olympian-Spectators
   by gforce <>

Recently I have been watching the Olympics. I love the Olympics. What I don't love is the commentary about it. "Yes that extra crouching will really hurt her score." What I don't think any of you realize is that they are still better than you. I'm not being a jerk, because it's the truth.

"Oh and that little twist will lose her the gold." She still gets the silver you stupid-ass. That means she's the second best in the WORLD, don't they realize that. The next time you train in Colorado for two years for whatever it is you do, then you can talk to me. We all know you live through the athletes, but don't cry about if they only get the bronze medal.

It's the same for the announcers who talk about the athletes constantly. They just don't stop. How about you let me watch the god damn race. By the way their opinion means jackshit to me. I don't care if they think the Olympian should have gone for the whirly-bird 720 or ridden conservatively. And stop making excuses for the Americans. None of this "the emotional damage is too much for them." No. The other competitor just did better. It seems like nobody can admit that.

Thanks for ruining the games for me, you network pricks.

Published: February 22, 2006
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