May 20, 2006

Are parents over protective?? A little too much?
   by weasel666 <>

Okay.. I'm new to this "" and I find most of these stories funny. I'm new and I have Looooooots to say. I didn't even think people had sites like this. I hope it's not like one of those "express your anger teen sites" where it encourages you to do stupid things or be emo.

Okay to my actual story..

My dad.. needless to say is a stupid egotastical fat bastard. He thinks my neighbourhood is bad, but I'm a 13 year old boy I don't do drugs or that shit and he knows I wouldn't. He even knows I carry a fucking knife with me for protection. I live a block away from my school and he says that it's too far for me to be away from home when I want to be with my friends. There you go and see the little neighbour girl that's like 5 years old go there and stay there til 12:00 am without supervision, yeah so he's a pretty fucked up person.

My mom... Again, needless to say she's a stupid bitch to all boys and girls. She thinks there is no point in sleeping over at a friends house. I've once asked her if I could sleepover at a friends house. The dumb bitch (obviously) said no, I asked why! she said "because I said so." I asked if she honestly meant that I couldn't go to my friend's house because she didn't want me to. I do chores and that shit and STILL not allowed to do jack fuckin shit. She claims to not know my friend's parents, for christs sake you guys are best friends!!! So that was the whole moral of this. I hate my parents. If it were that easy I would phoned the police and say my parents molested me if I had to, but it's not... life sucks

Published: May 22, 2006
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