Health Care

June 23, 2006

Pregnant? Pregnant!!?

I discovered last week that I was pregnant and about to become one of the thousands of people who are not expecting a child, and who have one anyways. Interestingly enough, I have absolutely no health insurance (as much as I tout it's benefits), or any source of real income I can rely on. To make matters worse, I appear to be missing a job at the moment. *Deep Breath* So in order to deal with my fiasco that I rather knowingly got myself into (hey, it was fun!), I have applied for state health insurance. Knowing that I don't make enough money not to qualify (hmm, how does nonexistant sound?) it's beginning to sound like a sure thing, even if I try to remedy my situation with a job. However, I must state that a job does not remedy my situation at all, in fact, it adds complexity to the present situation because they might try terminating my hard-sought benefits. All that aside, in order to fight off the fear of complete and utter failure I feel welling up above my head, I'm looking at this as an experiment with the health care system. Will it fail me? Will I be forced to become inhuman in my search for humanity? Only time will tell.

Published: June 25, 2006
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