May 31, 2006

Visceral Pirouette + Triste
   by AzureSkyy <>

Visceral Pirouette
By: ~Matt S.~

He'll thank you for every dagger
He'll catch every tear
He'll lick away each drop of blood

Because you used it
        to touch him
Because you shed it
        with him in your thoughts
Because you wanted him
        to bleed

                So he'll stay
                        (open wounds)

At how many angles
  Can you insert the blade
    into a man's back?
      (and still touch his heart?)
         (even as he asks for another?)

He embraces that
              because it's the only thing
       you give him

(And he misses you.)
                                      (So dearly.)

By: ~Matt S.~
        a caress
        a kiss
        a press of lips

drawing a wet line
 across your wrist
a flicker -- you
a breathy, breathless
you writhre, at that
 promising touch
before your eyes flutter
muscled moisture throws 
 your head back again
and you feel a hot breath
 of life wash across your skin

  Dark promises lay in your eyes --
  You gasp, heavy with passion and lust, contralto voice
  Assuring you both that your body's already
     Made it's choice.

if wanting this is a sin ...
       (i'll never tell.)

                               let's begin.

Published: June 1, 2006
Editor: stacy

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