June 5, 2006

More poem-ness.
   by AzureSkyy <>


Malicious Masquerade
By: ~Matt S.~

The gate creaks
I can't speak
The air is filled with need
The dead that no longer breathe
Poison the air with the lust to feed

I walk the grass, the earth breathing under my footfalls
Water's avarice inspiring it to rise, fall, shudder
Eyes flicking 'round I glance at the angels weeping o'er long forgottens
Their pitted eyes, tracing my path while Mother Mary
Etches the final detail upon my epitaph

Blooded rose in hand I tread my final falls
To the morgue I traverse, clutching hand never
Wavering from its perch upon my shuddering heart

Veil my eyes I'm still not blind the path has begun to wind
Moonlight on my back there's no coming back
I won't retract it would be a fiendish attack
On my reality

I color the night with the hues of madness
Waiting in the arms of my shadow,
I color the night sky with fright from an astral light
Here in this silver screen dream

I shall not waver in my deed
While the air is choking with need

This Is No Surprise
By: ~[.x.Esoteric.x.]

You're ...
A wraith in an angel's body
  A demon with a smile of gold
     A murderer with the perfect weapons
        Crystal eyes
           Smile so bold
              Heart made of gold
All so very cold
This is no surprise

             Slaughter me
                                  Tame me
       Cower me
             Overpower me
        Seduce me
                                    Give nothing but truth to me
          This is no surprise

  You're armed to the fangs
     Smile that crawls into your eyes
       Crystal eyes that are your
     Deadly disguise
  This is no surprise

Where Never Hides -- From "Smile So Bold Thoughts So Vain"
By: ~[.x.Esoteric.x.]~

Lost in the sorrow
Drowning in never's tomarrow
Where is the path
That remembers the way out of this forsaken hollow

Earth's deathly wind follows
My walk to forever's sorrow
Stirring my soul walking beside me
Forever guides my tear stained eyes
To the place where Never hides

Where is the portal to tomarrow
No one will help me seek
A way out of my sorrow

Follow me to my forsaken hollow
Beyond crystal skies
Is the land of fears and fireflies
Walk beside me never hide me
Tread lightly follow me swiftly
Help me find a way to reality let me escape this tragedy
Find the place where never hides
Within these tear-stained eyes

Voodoo Doll; Nothing Else Matters -- From "Smile So Bold Thoughts So Vain"
By: ~Matt S.~

Voodoo doll crafted with hallowed hands
I'm struck through and true
With pins and needles of wanting you

My soul reaches into forbidden havens
Searching for your comforting touch
Enveloping itself in a sensual rush
Trust consumed in lust I want you to need me
Breathe in tandem with me slide a needle through my heart
Nothing else matters

I'm a butterfly on your wall don't mind me at all
Love me want me give me life give me breath
Give me everything thing that you have left
Let me wander your thoughts walk your memories
Look into you gaze in awe of you
Talk to me walk with me never leave me always need me
Nothing else matters

Do with me what you will
Forget that it is my blood you spill

Nevermind any of that because it's your heart I want to fill
Nothing else matters

I am your voodoo doll through and through
Pins and needles strike me true
For all I want is for you to want me too
Nothing else matters

Published: June 6, 2006
Editor: stacy

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