June 6, 2006

What is Lacking!
   by kutulu <>

Now before I share this i'd like to give a little backstory to what brought this poem around. I woke up today feeling less than what I should. It's something I hate feeling and, since discovering the ancient art of gnostic thought, something I have found I can abolish. So I set some time aside before work and just meditated. All of 15 minutes it took to find what I needed to set my straight. So with this came some inspiration. Inspiration in this case to write this...

What is Lacking!


Arose the thoughts!

Jumbling of confusion!

Impracticality of the lacking quotient...

Confusion from a lack of peace of mind disrupts the flow of a reality that should be benign.

          Cast Away!

          Cast Away!

          Cast Away!
          What is Lacking.

Sweetness of the pleroma can be found within.

Within the stillness of the mind, heart, and soul burns away that which is not needed here nor there.

Cast Away!

What is Lacking.

Published: June 12, 2006
Editor: stacy

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