June 8, 2006

Dyslexic Writings Of An Early Fashion
   by AzureSkyy <>

Psychoanalysis Autopsy [*]
By: ~Matt S.~

I'm frigid and empty
For all these years
I've been killing my peace
To restore my calm

Does it make sense?
Am I going inane?
I think so
Because after all this time
I've finally driven myself insane

It wasn't supposed to be like this
Thinking these thoguths
I've thought my thoughts to death
And then I thought my emotions to death, too

And now there's nothing left to kill but my inner peace
And eventually, that will curl up and die along with

The rest of me

Through all the psycho-analysis
I've done the impossible
Attained emotional immortality

Immortality of the heart
Like any other
Is more a curse than a blessing
Because I can try to feel
I want it all to be real
But it's not real
My world
My illusion
It was all painted grey
And now I've drawn the same brush against myself

Because I'm tired of hiding me from you
So I began to hide me from myself

And now I've gone passively insane,
Inane from death by thought

Frostburn [*]
By: ~Matt S.~

You were
The breeze fluttering underneath my wings

But then it got cold
So, so cold, cold ...
And the air left my lungs
And then you were stolen from under my wings

Now I'm falling farther than I've ever fallen before
There's an edge to my coldness

So cold it burns
And you shy away from my hand as I touch your face
Shy away from the words that I speak
Because they bite in a way no teeth ever could

My heart beats with liquid rage
A rage that fills the room
And not just your veins
With the scent of blood
So, so warm, warm ...

It's flowing from my body

A liquid power, a tangible acid, a forceful flame
It flows over you and over me, back unto you and back once more into me
To be placed in the seething cauldron of my anguish
What's a few more torrents
Ontop of all this torment?

Nobody Knows
By: ~Matt S.~

Nobody knows who the little boy in the hall is
He's walking faster today and blinking too much
But he isn't heart-broken
But he isn't mad
He's only lonely
But you didn't know that

So you pitied him for a while
And then you forgot
All about him

Then he shows up again in your life
He's still got that sad look, the too-fast walk, and the rapi-blink ..
But there's no pity in you anymore, you wasted it on yourself
This time you're lauging
Laughing and not thinking
It makes the boy put his head down just a little bit farther, walk a little bit faster
And then his eyes flutter

Like a butterfly

On shattered wings.

Forever (Is just one Lifetime after Eternity)
By: ~[.x.Esoteric.x.]

A lifetime after eternity fades and forever is past
 I may get to finally
   Lay eyes upon you
 If memory allows
    We'll . . .
     Run to each other
      And drown in the passion
       Embrace the lust
        And give in to the love
         And take our very first hug
          Melt into that very first kiss
           Dissolve into love long forsaken
            And dance the first dance
             Of the lover's heart
              With life in unison
               One heart
                One body
                 One mind
                  One need ...

 To be loved


In this lifetime

                                                                  After Eternity

Published: June 12, 2006
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