June 19, 2006

Slip Slip Babble Babble Peace Peace
   by AzureSkyy <>

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Teeth, Nails, Sex, Blood, And Blades [*]
By: ~Matt S.~

I've been holding back for so very long
Trying to make myself known to you
But never taking that final step

   Are you done is it over
     Can we finally begin out fairytale?
       I'll bring the flowers and poetry
         You bring the whips and razors
Because I like teeth and nails with my sex and blood.

I don't want to strip on the table
      But don't think I won't tease in private.

This Side Of The Moon

By: ~Matt S.~

This poem is dedicated to Laura Leigh Blaine, 
without whom I may not walk this earth as a human,
but as a soulless, broken being with nothing to live by ...

I've been Broken up and Beaten down
Used by them and throw around
Where is my savior where is my angel
Can you grant me sanctuary can I be Saved?
Save me save me please try don't let me die
Because I'm lost without you and
You'd be lost without me

You're my teddy bear, love
Your laugher is what lets me say
I can make it another day
Your voice gives me life
Your words make me whole

And your comfort deflects the blade of strife
I need to have you near me, because without you, I couldn't help but cry
Only why does it have to be this way? Why why why?
Together we make a person, but alone we can't even fly
Alone we break ... Like another's shattered bed of lies
...You can't give butterfly kisses...
...If you have broken wings...

We need to find our own person
Who can give us those wings
So that we can fly away to anywhere at all
Because we're the most beautiful things
This side of the moon.

Watch Me Watching You
By: ~[.x.Esoteric.x.]

Everyday I watch you ..
   Your walk ..
   How you hold yourself ..
   Your hands ..
   How you speak ..
   Your eyes ..

   How you hide it all away ..
           With such perfect ease

     But sometimes ... Your armor parts
     But sometimes ... Your shields fall
     But sometimes ... Your thoughts bleed out your eyes ...
     And I can tell
               That you just want to say
      I'm weak My life is shattered
     My heart is My soul is crushed
     My resolve is no more My soul it is crushed
    My sanity won't break But this pain I can't take

   And this is when I wish ... That, sometimes ... You'd watch me.
 Because ... When your armor peels away ...
   I wonder: What makes you hurt this way?
 Because ... When your shields melt away ...
   I think: What brings you down so dark?

 Because ... When your soul fills your eyes ...
   I wish: That you could see the
                        Pain that fills mine
      All the pain I feel for you ...
        Each and every time
         That I want to hel heal ...
            The pain fills my eyes.. And bleeds into my heart
               When I realize that .. You don't want it to be healed.

You don't want to be healed
Because now that you're hurt
                       You can hang your head
                    Tell your story
                 And say Look What Happened To Me!
               I Don't Want That Again!

   But you're really hiding
     Denying yourself
By hiding it all away in the wells of your soul.

Leap Of Faith  -- This one looks so much better center'd ... *sigh*
By: ~Matt S.~

I'm setting myself up
To take a dive
A leap of faith

Looking with blinded eyes
This should be no surprise
That I'm going to risk temptation and damnation
To steal away your sorrow

Carnal Light
By: ~[.x.Esoteric.x.]

Swayed by your sorcery
Embraced all of it's passion
Tangled in sensual obsession
Lost in the folds of erotic sensation
Object of exotic possession

Never let me go

Magic and mystery
Be my sorcerer
Cast your spell on me
So that nobody can see me
The way that you see me
In love's carnal light
Pure and simple delight
Watch these eyes bleed blue
Pure and simple and true

Sorcery consumes me
Your spell weaves through to my heart
Envelope my body in yours
Share the passion give into the sensation
I'm your object of possession
Entranced with your erotic confessions
Carnal light light this night

Published: June 20, 2006
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