June 21, 2006

Darkthoughts & OxygenWaster-Heartfaker
   by AzureSkyy <>

Oh, is there one hell of a backstory to these ... Hell hath no fury greater than a woman scorned ... But this has nothing to do with hell, everything to do with a woman, and a scum-sucking oxygen-wasting vomit-spewing wretch of a man she discovered him to be. On with the show.

I Wish
By: AzureSkyy

Oh ... Mister
Oxygen Waster
Heart Faker
Smile Breaker

I'll make sure you never breathe again
That your heart never beats again
That your lips never lie again

I'll slice your lips
And butterfly your heart
Etch your name -- your names on one
Your mission on the other

Left                    Right
  Oxygen Waster           Breathe
  Heart Faker             Slower
  Smile Breaker           STOP.

Hell knows I want to do some of this
Oh, how I wish you could die for this

By: AzureSkyy


Dont worry, I'll lock it all away
No frowns, it'll all be behind my eyes
Between now and the next sunrise
Sorrwful serenity; will be all you can see of me
It'll all be okay

Don't tempt me
You'll never prevent me
When you spin a lie with trust
I'll make sure she sees your angelwings
Turn to dust.

I'll teach you how to be burning in water
And how to drown in flame

The only thing you need fear
Is my gaze
And the sun's rays.

I'll torture him today
There's nothing you can say
I already watched your son
Steal away her yesterday

Published: June 22, 2006
Editor: stacy

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