July 20, 2006

   by AzureSkyy <> Utterly random, written in my kitchen on low sleep. Lol. Enjoy.

Please And Thankyou
By: ~Matt S.~

Why Yes, Kind Sir

I Am Very Aware, That Your Face
Resembles My Derierre.

But If You Look Over There
(I Advise You Not To Stare)

In Yon Grove
Sits Your Betrothed

Whose Breath Comes In Rasps
As That Man Slaps Her Ass

I Hope You Perceive
That Your Quarrel Is Hardly With Me

So, By Your Leave?

I Intend To See
If Said Man Near The Tree
Would Like Any Help
With Your Lady To Be!

Published: July 25, 2006
Editor: stacy

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