October 24, 2006

Wishes Do Come True

Ok Im totally stalling although I have an essay due tommorow. O well, ok the update on my whole situation. My b-day was about a week ago and more than anything I wanted "him" to call, my so called guy who got away. Ha like that was gona happen I thought he did for a split second, later turned out to be my dad:( Ok so I'm kicking myself for obviously still not being over him at least not completely, but hey I thought it's only been a few months maybe just maybe he'll call, of course , I wasn't fooling anyone. Well whatever right I continue my week and come Friday night someone calls me restricted.. it's you guessed it!!!! "HIM"!!!! Ha ha ha it was so unbelievable I forgot to pinch myself:J He asked me if I remembered him, of course I did how could I ever forget him!!!, and he apologized for not calling me sooner. Within minutes we were beyond the how've you been? Hows school? etc and on the subject of us... what about us?? I had no idea that he still felt the same until he told me, in estatic of course, and I finally did what I should've done months ago and told him how I felt. He asked if I had a bf, I wasn't about to start lying to him after all these years, I told him I was currently seeing someone,but I wasn't his gf. We concluded that we'll see were it goes and we'll see each other soon, both of us having busy schedules. We talked for a bit more and as always had our laughs and we reminised about how we met. He promised to call more often and we said our good nights. He did call the very next night,but I missed it since I usually knock out at 9ish if not 10pm. But during the conversation I resolved, in my head, that I would end things with the guy who I was currently dating. It was harder than I thought I didn't answer when he called Sat. but forced myself to pick up on Sun. he called to ask me out I turned him down and I hesitated long enough to make him relaize somthing was wrong.. he asked if everything was ok I said yes and told him I'll ttyl and we hung up. I once again forced myself to not only pick up my cell but press send to call him...I hung up after a ring or two and decided that I'd be a coward and text him and even that was difficult!!! I press send after a good while. He eventually responded with an apology for not giving me enough attention, which I told him was absurd, since he made more then enough time for me whil juggling a job and school. He called me shortly after and we both seemed choked up for words for the first time. His phone died saving me from the one of my saddest uncomfortable moments..he called me shortly after we were more relaxed and we started laughing together again. The sweetest thing he said was that if it was ok he was still gonna call me as often as he originally did, which was absolutley alrite with me. I was afraid that we weren't gonna k.i.t and I guess this'll be the first time when I was xtremly thrilled for being wrong:)

Published: October 24, 2006
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