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November 7, 2006

Go Hug a Tree...NOW!
   by kutulu <>

Yeah call me a hippy. Call me an eco-friendly. Whatever. So many terms you could use to classify and stereotype sombody who would incline you to hug a piece of the earth that sustains us. But before you think up your witty reply, or whatever quip you have lurking in the back of your head, read this.

Plastic trash vortex menaces Pacific sealife

For those that dont click over and read it, there's a mass of plastic the size of texas floating between California and Hawaii. Hmmm, I wonder where it came from? Before you go start placing blame on corporations, the state, your job, or some other abstract that pushes aside responsbility let me say something. The only person to blame is yourself. You are a part of the grand scheme of things, no matter how insignificant you think you are, and thus you are responsbile for birds trying to eat this stuff and dying of starvation. Not to mention the entire ecosystem at risk here.

Why is it that it takes such an amazing feat of human destructive ingenuity to get people to see what we are doing is bad for our planet? Why do we need to see the results first hand before we do something about it? Well the results are all around folks. Look outside, see that soda can on the side of the roard. Yup, that contributes. So now your remembering when you left trash in the parking lot of your job because you were too lazy to walk to a trash can with it. Leave it up to apathy to be the precursor to desensitization. Where is our ability to give a damn? I can tell you that it left when we let our corporations, technology, and state get away with all this in front of our very eyes.

So now that we have a texan-sized land mass of plastic in the pacific killing off poor defenseless animals on a daily basis you might ask yourself, what can I do about it? Either that or you'll shrug it off saying it doesnt concern you, and leave it to your children to figure out. And if you dont have children, or dont plan on having them, you'll proliferate in whatever mindless indulgance of choice. The answer to all this is to be responsibile. It may sound a little to late for that but now's not the time to go throw your trash out the window. Now's the time to look at your neighborhood, or better yet your tiny section of the planet you call your own, and pick up around you.

If your like me, you dont have the money or time to invest in saving the planet. Your living a life of poor pay and barely getting buy. The sustaining of life itself is of utmost importance. Though the best things you can do are simple changes of habit. I know it sounds insane, but pick up somebodies trash. The worst is you'll have to wash your hands afterwards, and you just might inspire or astound someone. Contribute to local groups who actually try to help this planet we take so much from but give so little back to. For god's sake, no, for the life of this planet we call home and would like to thrive on for another thousand years do something to help your enviroment. Because, honestly, if you dont do something, no one will.

Oh and if you do help out, thank you, a most generous and sincere thank you....Oh and Pfft! to those that dont.

Published: November 10, 2006
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