June 23, 2007

Sports in Gereral
   by Greenbomb101 <>

Sports in General! What is it REALLY all about? Making MISTAKES! That's right, mistakes.

Take football for example. Or baseball, or basketball, or hockey or futbol or whatever the hell other sport you can think of. It doesn't matter. It's all the same. Hell, tiddly-winks is right up there when you get down to it.

Think about it. If every play went right the offense would score every time. Every ball would go out of the park. Every puck would be in the net... you get my drift.

BUT, if the defense went right no one would ever score. Every pitch would be a strike; every drive to the hoop would end up off the backboard. Hell, there WOULDN"T be a drive to the hoop. The defense would have put the kibbosh on that before mid-court.

If everything went right the game would implode, ergo, someone out there has to make a mistake. Someone has to read the runner wrong, someone has to underestimate the pass coverage, someone has to screw up and let the ball get by. And that's sports. I, for one, have no desire to spend a weekend sitting around clogging my arteries watching a bunch of over-paid guys make mistakes.

That's why I don't keep up with politics. It's the same principle. Two (or more) teams, both making boo-koo mistakes, still getting paid, and the ones who suffer the most are those who watch and cheer from the sidelines.

This was originally a submission to one of Chad Riden's blogs on MySpace. Check out NashvilleStandUp.

Published: June 23, 2007
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