August 15, 2007

Is that all you are offering

Suzy was excited cause she really did like Kenny. He was everything you would want in a man and he was older and that was a plus cause she had a thing for older guys.

But apparently Mr. Perfect wasn't so perfect: all he wanted was sex. I mean you're probably thinking which guy doesn't but this was different. He would never offer to take her to dinner, he would never take her for a drive, or even to the movies. He always had an excuse when it came to that. The only invite she ever got even before he even found out her last name was will you go home with me.

I mean come on, at least try to thrill the gurl first and win her heart. And imagine he kept confessing how much he loved her. Come on, love is not sex.

Published: August 17, 2007
Editor: stacy

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