October 10, 2007

Where is The Culture Going?
   by Phibble

First time poster, I think some of the stories here are bang on the money. I'm British, and looking at the UK's status now, I'm guessing that I am one of the last few remaining.

I'm at college at the moment, during Culture Month or something like that, and everyone has been asked to do something on their own culture. So as you can guess I'm pretty much stuck. But no fear, I had an idea. One big "?" on a piece of paper.

Is there nothing that Britain can hold to its name now?! Oh no, I know, a crappy government and a fucked up police system!! It's ridiculous! We cannot say "xmas" lights anymore, they have to be called "winter" lights!! FUCK OFF!! We was here first, they are still Xmas Lights so up yours!!!

I'm not a racist, or at least I try not to sound that way, but people think they can come here and EXPECT free service because they were running away from war. Well, welcome to hell. According to all the news reports, we are killing each other slowly. Via muggings! Fucking Scangers (chavs), and "gangstas".

This is a country of fear, and we have a fat Scottish bloke running the country now, we are totally fucked!!

British culture is no more!!!

(That felt really good!! And you can expect more rants!)

Published: October 10, 2007
Editor: stacy

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