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October 11, 2007

   by Phibble

It's rather unsettling that the headlines on many newspapers nowadays, is about some "celebrity" or other, that has been seen doing some unthinkable! "OMG, Madonna is eating a chip! Sensational News!!" SOD OFF!!

I don't really care about someone who had a hit single 3 years ago! There are people dying in Iraq for a pointless war, (that we are somehow losing!?) and yet people wanna know whats happening with Britney Spears!

Well, hopefully one day soon she'll do us all a big favour and crash her car and wrap it round a lamp-post. Her kids won't be there, they've been taken away.

Chris Crocker, AKA The Last Remaining Britney Fan, (Seen on YouTube, and has had a go at everyone who "dared to critise" her. She hasn't done anything good for us, and she's not doing any good now.

Published: October 12, 2007
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