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October 11, 2007

Modern Fart
   by Phibble

Excuse the pun of the title, it had to happen!

What is Modern Art!? I'm almost certain I'm gonna get complaints, but what the hell does a large metal frame, that looks somewhat like a spider mean!?

There was a "feature" where it was a bunch of black bags, and few wine glasses, and a wine bottle-laying on the floor. It was "mistaken" for rubbish and thrown away by the cleaner. Good show!!! what the hell does it mean!? If that's art, I'm pretty sure everyone has seen that on a Sunday morning (or afternoon, depending on how heavy the drinking games where) so it's hardly original.

Well, if it's that easy to do modern art then I shall have a go at it. I know! I'll fold a bed in half and stick a knife in it, and say: "it depicts my anger at not being able to sleep"! There!! Easy money.

FOOLS!!! Now, i don't know the first thing about art, so in theory this PFFT has no foundation, but come on!! It's got to look good at least!!! What is the appeal of a room half full of engine oil!?

My "art" is artwork on CD albums, usually by heavy metal bands, they are the best. There are still very good artist out there, I know a few mates who passed their Art course with flying colours (pun intended).

In summary, Modern Art SUCKS!!!

Published: October 12, 2007
Editor: stacy

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