October 31, 2007

Upper-class Twit of The Year
   by Phibble

I'm getting really annoyed at upper-class business people who think that they are better than everybody, those with the "I earn more than you, get out of my way" attitude.

Every Friday morning, I get together with a few friends and talk about the week ending and the week to come, anything really. Now, admittedly, we get a bit loud at times, but it's usually only when we laugh and we realise how loud we were and shut-up.

Now, judging by the look on many faces in the coffee shop at the time, Good old Cafe' Nero, they aren't bothered, even the staff recognise us and always greet us good morning. A few looks every now and then, from others enjoying the morning paper and coffee, but a smile of acknowledgement as they remember what it was like to be 17/18 again.

Last Friday, someone decided we had crossed the line. We sat down, open the free paper, and started the talking. 5 minutes in, this guy asks us to quiet down a bit. Although stunned, we respected his wishes and lowered our voices to a dull volume. Then he decides he wants us to shut up altogether, like the Cafe' Nero was built for people to be quiet! He rudely said: "Please shut-up! I am trying to write a presentation on..." (I zoned out then.) I didn't bother to listen to the rest and continued talking to my friends.

This guy almost had a fit! He slammed his laptop shut, and stormed out the shop, mumbling profanities no doubt.

You see, even if you have a flashy car, a trophy wife, a large house, you are the same as everybody else. A coffee house is a public place. If you want somewhere quiet, go to a libary cafe' and do us all a favour. We are still going to go to Cafe' Nero, no way are we going to let a muppet ruin our 'tradition' as it were. We just hope he's there again.

Published: October 31, 2007
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