November 21, 2007

25 MILLION Lost!!!
   by Phibble

My first Pfft! complained about how the very culture of Britain was disappearing. Now yes that is a bit annoying, but since then I have realised that it isn't happening so quickly. But now, it is the claims that the identity of 25 MILLION Britons have been the post!!!

7m families now are at risk of identity fraud. Yes that's right, the British Government has failed us once again. Now, most of us are ready for an up-rising but we are too busy trying to protect what we have left.

But where does this leave the immigrants? Oh no, wait, yeah, they don't have identities anyway, so they are fine!! They get everything!! Hospitals, schools, countless government funding organisations will crumble and leave the UK in a state of ruin!!

I am a proud British, but when things like this happen, what is a proud British? Someone who believes in an empty country, where the locals are left out of the picture?

I just wish I knew.

(As you can see, this differs reasonably from my first, as there is no swearing, which took an immense amount of will power, and theres a bit more.)

P.S. Come people, surely your life couldn't be going perfectly, I wanna read something else!!

Published: November 21, 2007
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