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November 27, 2007

O.T.T. Much!!
   by Phibble

The press have just released breaking news of a British woman, who will be subjected to 40 lashes after she supposedly named a teddy bear "Mohammed". She is being punished for something the children of her class said.

The story goes that the Britsh woman decided to teach in Sudan after splitting with her husband. Teacher tells children to bring in a teddy bear for a project to do with humans and animals (or something like that). Now this teacher suggested the name of Faris, but the CHILDREN wanted Mohammed. But naturally, the kids aren't told that it's wrong, the locals just blame the teacher because..well just because it would seem.

The woman has apologised, but NO! They want blood. They follow a God that is supposed to be forgiving. Well, yes I can see how this is forgiving!!! (sarcasm, very hard to tell within a text).

This is why there are wars and this is why Britain is being taken advantage of (see back to Where Is The Culture Going? (October 10th)) because the government feels that it needs to walk on eggshells, to welcome the immigrants. By walking on eggshells, the government walks all over the British public!!

I understand that some people from other countries have actually got a British passport, or were born in Britain, fair enough. Many work as doctors or in high professions. But there are others, from other countries and here as well, that choose to do nothing and sponge off the country.

You want money, earn it!!!!

Published: November 27, 2007
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