December 29, 2007

Another Year Going
   by Phibble So Xmas is gone and surprisingly, there wasn't an hassle between the religions. So it has been a hell of a year, stuff has happened, and things went wrong. But hey, we got through. Just a Merry Xmas everyone that uses Pfft! and to the editors too. And also Bring on the next year! And the Pfft!'s we'll get there too. Didn't think it was gonna be a !PFFT did ya? NO I have been kicked out of my room, because my grandma is staying! Great fun that is!!! I'm am forced to sleep in the backroom, the stuffiest of all rooms in the house. Yeah, my brother gets his way, cuz he's successful. But I ain't sour about it, but I have ammo whenever he even tries to complain. Ah well it's Saturday today, and she goes on Tuesday, but I ain't at home tonight. I'm at a mates house and I planned to get smashed. Yeah, Granny's old, but there is only so much you can say before you get bored and an awkward silence falls over the air.

Published: December 31, 2007
Editor: stacy

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