September 9, 2008

Silently Dropped!!!

You say you're a man and this is how you behave. If you know you wanted to end it, be the man you claim to be and come straight out and say it. I dont know if this is the new trend but if so I clearly didnt get that memo. I've been seeing this guy and there I was thinking that things are blossoming and soon we'll be in couple's paradise, boy was I wrong,as the so called "gentleman" just bounced. No phone calls, no text messages, nothing. If I call no answer. What kind of man are you, LOSER!!! if we're seeing each other and I was so blind to see that there was a problem, if that was the case the least you could have done was to bring it to my attention before you just excused yourself from the relationship. What makes it really really bad is that I really have it in for him. How sick is that?

Published: September 10, 2008
Editor: stacy

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