School Days

February 10, 2009

Student Stereotype
   by Phibble

Well, my last post was when i was in college, and now i have rised through the education system to reach university.

It's going well so far, getting good grades and such. It's the living i'm struggling with myself. I'm one of these people that enjoy a drink, in a pub, nic and simple. I hate clubbing and i don't enjoy getting absolutely plastered.

This becomes a problem with my housemates apparently. They do enjoy all those things, and feel that i MUST join in otherwise i'm a loser. as a person, i feel that i'm a good guy and fun to be around (just going on what i've been told also) so i don't see why i have to fall into this stereotype of being a lazy, useless student, who drinks away their money. I'm struggling enough as it is, what with the cost of generally living and text books. Ahh well, 5 more months and i am out of this house and with me mates, and the problem may arise over again.

Published: February 10, 2009
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