March 14, 2009

Is it a cell phone or a laptop?
   by jhyde

So I've been trying out a new phone lately and I found something worth honorable mention. I particularly enjoy having the internet on my phone. Actually the more like a laptop the phone is the more I like it. I am currently on a Touch Pro made by a company now called PPD I think but formerly and more widely known as Audiovox. When I first saw this phone I thought that the manufacturing was very cheaply done due to the sliding mechanism that hides the keyboard. I was wary of poor workmanship but after having the phone for several weeks now I think that fear was unfounded. It has been absolutely wonderful. I can satisfy all of my internet cravings with this one horrifically expensive device. I probably could have bought a laptop more cost-effectively. The only thing I can't do is Skype people. Not bad at all really. I could get rid of a regular PC altogether... almost....

It's an exciting world we live in.

Published: March 17, 2009
Editor: stacy

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