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August 1, 2009

Tort Reform 2
   by jhyde

How long ago was it that I was writing about Tort Reform? Aaaaah yes... very clearly it was FIVE years ago. I just love it when there's a very real solution to a problem and it gets completely ignored (like for the past five years). Why make it less expensive for doctors to practice medicine when we can so easily create new legislation to tax the American public for services most of them won't use? Why would we even consider Tort Reform as a viable option when it is so CLEARLY punching us in the face as an obvious solution. Yes, it would be nice to walk into a hospital when you have a cardiac arrest and not have to pay for the services rendered even if you have no insurance, but that is Cuba. We who live in America are free. We can run out in our mid-size SUV's and get a pound of coffee when we are running low. That is FREEDOM. There is no legislation for stupidity, but we keep trying to legislate stupidity out of the people. It won't happen, never will happen, and the more we try to do that the worse our country becomes. We go from a housing bubble to an auto bubble to the health care bubble that will be on the horizon if American legislators don't pull their head out and realize that PEOPLE ARE DUMB.

Consider this:

You may qualify for a 5,000 dollar tax credit if you purchase health insurance in bulk for your family on a 10-year contract. Financing is available.

Healthy Families: If you are on an adjusted income or below the tax bracket of 70,000 per year you and your family may qualify for free yearly health check-ups.

Are you on a regular medication for the treatment of your heart? Apply for free medication refills with the purchase of a qualifying health insurance plan.

Dialysis Patient Alert! 10 billion dollars were approved by Congress for the rising need of dialysis clinics. Federally funded dialysis clinics opening soon in your area. Check for details.

All that coke in the 80's coming back to haunt you now that you're retiring? Forget drug rehab, join Assisted Living International! We strive to keep you independent. The first month's free, and you may qualify for subsidized care. Apply at your local DHS.


This stuff is coming people, wake up and smell the coffee. It's not coming from Cuba.

Are you working three part-time jobs just to make ends meet? What would happen if you weren't being taxed at 50%? Could you quit one? Could that allow some other lazy bum to get your job? Would that reduce unemployment? There's very little incentive to work when the LAM is just waiting to coddle you. The baby boomers have lost their retirement funding on the market, but they are still going to retire.


Published: August 3, 2009
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