September 4, 2009

Bored and Lonely

Right so, I moved away to university last year, leaving everything and everyone behind. I didn't move far and planned on keeping touch with people. Sadly my life style was quite busy as were the lives of my friends from home and connections wore thin. I talk to people from home occasionally, however rarely see anyone.

Recently I moved into a new house with some friends I had made at university and thought things were going to be good. As it is the summer most people went home but I, as did a couple of others, decided to stay here as not to spend too much money. Turns out that the only people staying with me over summer are in relationships, leaving me home alone and with nothing to do. As the connections with people from home are near enough lost I rarely have visitors, and for some bizarre reason this includes my parents

Over the past few weeks I have made plans with friends from home, and from university, to meet up and spend the day together, however in most cases these plans have fallen through and I have been left alone once again.

On top of this, the people I am living with keep shouting at me for doing things either—

They're doing it all the time and its really getting me down! They keep making me feel like I don't belong in my own home!

All I really want is a cuddle to make everything better.

Published: September 4, 2009
Editor: stacy

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